Who We Are?

This is Our Story

I’ll like to welcome to The Royal Yorkies, where the love of teacup yorkies runs deep in our family. I’ve been on this wonderful journey with my incredible wife and two daughters. My connection to dog breeding spans over 16 years, starting back when I would lent a hand at my parents’ Maltese breeding business. Those were the days of rolling up our sleeves on weekends and school breaks, taking care of pups, tending to grown dogs, cleaning kennels, and going for walks.

During those times, a dream took shape – the dream of having my own yorkie cattery. It was the charm, loyalty, and smartness of teacup yorkies that stole my heart. Fast forward to my 21st birthday, when my dad gifted me my first teacup yorkie  girl, Sally. We became inseparable in no time. She was like my shadow, always by my side. After the daily kennel duties were done, Sally and I would hang out, and in return, she showered me with endless love and loyalty. That’s when I knew that these little companions were my calling. I wanted others to experience the bond and affection I shared with Sally – a bond that’s truly special.

Building The Royal Yorkies was a labor of love. I collected a bunch of amazing dogs to start my breeding journey, and in 2007, things kicked up a notch when I welcomed my stud dog, Biscuit.

My wife is my rock and partner in all things life and Yorkie. We first crossed paths in 2011 at a football game, and since then, it’s been a beautiful journey together. Our first home became ours in 2015, right after tying the knot. She works in architecture during the week, but she’s also my right-hand gal when it comes to our furry friends. On weekends and whenever she’s got some time off, you’ll find her right there with me, taking care of the dogs. From cleaning their cozy homes to making sure they’re well-fed, and even giving those paws a good walk – she does it all. And the best part? She’s as crazy about teacup yorkies as I am. It was Dash, one of our first batch of yorkies, who stole her heart. Now, She’s just as smitten and helps make sure our pups are registered with AKC.

My thirst for knowledge when it comes to dogs and breeding is insatiable. I spend evenings digging into genetics, unraveling the secrets of colors, and learning how to make breeding even better. My days are filled with researching dog health, exploring pedigrees, and connecting with fellow breeders. It’s like a never-ending adventure, and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a true labor of love.

Here at The Royal Yorkies, our goal is to raise teacup yorkies with the sweetest temperaments, rock-solid health, and striking colors that’ll make them stand out in any family. We’re picky about our additions, only choosing dogs with top-notch backgrounds to join our breeding crew. Every day is about making sure our furry pals and any new pups are happy, healthy, and loved. From sunrise to sunset, it’s all about the pups.

My quest for knowledge led me to complete various courses. From Pet Psychology to Canine Communication, I’ve embraced learning as a lifelong journey. And you know what? After acing a microchipping training, I craved more. That’s when I dove into a canine ultrasound scanning course. It lets me keep a close eye on pregnancies from the comfort of home, ensuring our pups are stress-free and comfy.

Ready to make The Royal Yorkies your go-to for a furry family member? We’ve got adorable Yorkie puppies waiting to become part of your home. Just choose from those available below, and let the yorkie journey begin!

Our Goal

At The Royal Yorkies, our mission to breed and raise teacup yorkie puppies to serve a variety of purposes such therapy dogs, emotional supports, family companions and most especially home pets. We do our utmost best to make available well trained, healthy and sociable teacup yorkie puppies to families interested in having them, and taking care of these puppies with the same passion as we do.